10 Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify: 2022

Before learning about Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify, one must know what Dropshipping stands for. Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment method in which a business doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. When a dropshipping retailer sells a product, it purchases the item directly from a third party (a manufacturer, wholesaler, or another retailer) that ships the product directly to a customer.

How to Choose the Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify?

While looking for Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify, make sure to get your information/data from a credible source. Some ways to check if the app is reliable are:

  • Look for apps that provide you with high-quality suppliers. The best way to check is through the ratings and reviews of the suppliers.
  • Look for apps with suppliers from all over the world, or at least nearer to where your maximum customers reside so that you don’t have to deal with long delivery complaints.
  • Research suppliers on apps thoroughly to see if you can make a profit without clawing your customers as a big problem faced in dropshipping is keeping prices low but profit margins to a point where you can still make money. 
  • Check if the apps are allowing you to put your branding tags on the packaging. Order without any branding will be confusing to the customers since they won’t recognize the foreign-sounding names on the package and might not even accept an alien package. Branding is also one of the easiest ways to make a customer return back if they like their previous order/s.

10 Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

Here is a compilation of the 10 best dropshipping apps that Shopify merchants can use to set up their dropshipping stores. 

1. DSers AliExpress Dropshipping: Best Dropshipping App for Shopify

DSers for Shopify is one of the best rated Shopify apps for dropshipping, with over 150000 installations. It helps you have multiple Shopify stores to scale your online stores and take your e-commerce business to the next level and easily manage your Shopify orders and AliExpress dropshipping orders in one place. It not only enables you to import products from AliExpress and CSV files to DSers easily. It also helps to publish those products to your Shopify stores with just one click with affordable pricing rules and many other features such as automatically syncing Shopify orders and modifying shipping confirmation emails.


  • You can place multiple orders to AliExpress in one click
  • You get options to find ​​cheap and better suppliers selling the same products
  • You don’t have to waste time placing orders manually, place 100s of orders in a minute
  • With DSers, you can manage multiple Shopify stores in one place
  • You can choose a shipping method that better suits your needs the best

2. CJ Dropshipping: Best Dropshipping App for Shopify

CJ Dropshipping for Shopify provides a platform to list and source products into your stores, normally with prices lower than Aliexpress, with thousands of POD products available. It offers convenient order fulfilment services, everything automatically syncs with your stores, and same-day processing and shipping from US warehouses are provided directly to your US customers. You can also track your orders anytime and make the delivery analysis and know the people working with your team with 24/7 online support. 


  • You can list and source your products on the store
  • You can get convenient order fulfilment services 
  • It syncs products with your store and has same-day processing and shipping

3. Printful: Best Print on Demand Dropshipping App for Shopify

Print On Demand is an on-demand dropshipping supplier. It allows you to choose from a variety of high-quality, premium products ranging from apparel and accessories to home and living products and also lets you do your business with no investments and pay only when an order comes in. It lets you decide how much you’ll make from each sale by setting your retail price. It saves time on designing by providing built-in tools to create stunning designs, product mockups, and even your brand logo, so that you can offer your customers designs that can be personalized directly on your store. It also boosts your brand’s visibility with custom branding, while allowing you to add your pack-ins, packing slips, or customize your packaging to make your brand stand out.


  • You have an option to choose from a variety of products 
  • You can decide how much you’ll make from each sale and set an average price
  • You can create personalized designs for your brand
  • You can boost the visibility of your brand on all platforms

4. Spocket ‑ US & EU DropshippingOberlo ‑ Dropshipping App

Spocket allows you to choose the best products to dropship from various categories from dropshipping suppliers all over the world. One can order product samples right from the dashboard in a few clicks and easily test out the products and suppliers to build a reliable dropshipping business. 80% of Spocket’s dropshipping suppliers are based in the US or Europe, making shipping quick, reliable, and effortless. You can start using Spocket for free, with no requirement of credit card details, or registration fees.


  • You can order product samples and test out the products with just a few clicks
  • You can get quick and reliable shipping
  • With Spocket, you can start off free without any registration fee

5. Oberlo ‑ Best Product Research Dropshipping App for Shopify

Oberlo provides new and passionate entrepreneurs with a safer way to start a business. From the elimination of bulk inventory to the ability to run a business on your own, while only buying products from a manufacturer after a customer has placed an order on your store, you can test products via Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads without feeling pressured to sell inventory and allows you to sell an unlimited quantity of products. Oberlo makes the most tedious tasks automated for you where store owners can browse and add products with good profit potential to their store with a click of a button. 


  • You test products without having the pressure to sell inventory
  • You get the hardest tasks automated for you in just a few clicks
  • You can add products with good profit potential to the store easily

6. AutoDS All‑In‑One Dropshipping App for Shopify

AutoDS automates the full A-Z dropshipping process, from product importing to order fulfilment from over 25 US, CN, UK, and worldwide dropshipping suppliers. It imports products to one or more stores in one click with 24/7 price & stock monitoring to ensure you never miss an update from your supplier. There is no need to fill multiple forms with their ‘One-Click Address Copy-Paste’ extension to the supplier’s checkout page. 


  • You get a fully automated dropshipping process
  • You can provide your services to customers all over the world
  • You can get 24/7 price and stock monitoring services 
  • There is no need for you to fill out multiple forms

7. Shirtee: Best Print‑on‑Demand Dropshipping App for Shopify

Shirtee is a Europe-wide leading Print-On-Demand business that allows everyone to become a designer in a wink of an eye. It especially has its focuses on the importance of a transparent and sustainable production where it provides over 40 core products available for you to be customized with your design, beginning from classic T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, phone cases to some special products like a door or car mats. The packaging provided is neutral and your customers won’t find the name Shirtee on any of their orders and you can make a profit from the very first generated sale. 


  • You get a variety of products to choose from
  • You get the option to customize anything that you’d like according to your likes
  • The packaging provided to you is neutral with no branding

8. Modalyst ‑ Best Dropshipping App for Shopify

Modalyst was selected by AliExpress to be an official partner of the AliExpress Booster Program for dropshipping which empowers it to connect Shopify stores directly to AliExpress suppliers and products for dropshipping. All product info is synced through an API, which means that AliExpress Order IDs and tracking are automatically synced with your account through an API-connected official partnership. Its strong focus is on teens & young women, with trendy styles, with affordable price points. It connects businesses directly to handpicked suppliers who are vetted and have high-quality products, with thousands of product categories and niches to choose from. 


  • You can automatically sync your products and order IDs through API 
  • You can get a range of amazing teen and young trendy styles for women 
  • You can get a variety of choices to choose from at affordable prices

9. Spreadr App ‑ Best Amazon Importer Dropshipping App for Shopify

Spreadr App imports any product from Amazon to your Shopify store in one click and allows your visitors to view and buy the products. Amazon pays you a commission for each sale and you can track orders and commissions on the dashboard.  It helps you expand your store with products you’ve never had, letting you choose from over a million products available on Amazon to add to your product catalogue. You can add products that complement your store and align with your brand, making it bigger and more valuable with a hassle-free new revenue stream.


  • You can import your products from Amazon to your Shopify store in just a few clicks
  • It allows you to track orders and commissions right on your dashboard
  • You can expand your stores and choose from millions of products
  • You can add products from millions of product catalogues

10. EPROLO- Best Dropshipping and Branding App for Shopify

EPROLO lets you manage one instead of many, where all your packages will ship out from the warehouse and your client will never receive many packages from one order. Your brand & logo can be printed on the shipping label and it allows you to fulfil bulk orders in just 3 clicks. It will carry out quality control, packing, and shipping the package to your customers with an auto-filled tracking number when the package is shipped and active tracking. Real-time inventory management is provided based on your sales and each product is double-checked before it can be shipped to your customer. Also, this app has no fee and is forever free for everyone.


  • You can manage bulk orders at a time and avoid receiving tons of orders at once in just 3 clicks
  • You can get active tracking for all the packages and shippings 
  • It provides you with real-time inventory management based on your sales 
  • You can start the process with the app without any cost and forever free

With the rise of third-party suppliers and marketplaces, like the ones we covered above and the dozens more you can find that with the Shopify app store, supply is no longer the hurdle it once was to starting a business. These apps are a great way to start a low-investment business and get your feet wet and your hands dirty as a beginner in e-commerce. 

You can choose them according to your favourable features and build a successful business.