10 Best Payment Gateway for Dropshipping in India: 2022

The ecommerce payment gateways have the responsibility for all the transactions of the store. They deduct the amount from your card and send it to the dropshippers account after deducting some fees. The gateways make payment processing easy and convenient. The dropshipping store operates just like an ecommerce store. The sole difference is that they do not sell products directly from warehouses. So, payment gateways are of prime importance. You must add the best payment gateway for dropshipping in India. 

How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Dropshipping in India?

Here are some things you must consider when looking for a payment gateway:

  • Look for a payment gateway that is popular in the country where you target your products. 
  • Look for gateways that have low transaction fees.
  • Check if it is compatible with dropshipping stores. 
  • Check if you can still be using the same payment gateway when you expand. 
  • Check if people have had a good experience with the same. 

Best Payment Gateway for Dropshipping in India: 2022

These are some of the best payment gateways for dropshipping in India. 

1. Autorize.net: Best Payment Gateway for Dropshipping Stores in India

They help you accept payments anytime, anywhere. They allow you to offer your customers a variety of payment options online. It helps you connect a compatible card reader to your computer and begin accepting payments. You will be able to accept payments from customers using mobile devices. You will get easy-to-use tools for managing your ongoing billing needs. It will help you accept electronic check payments from your customers. 

2. Stripe: Best Payment Gateway for Ecommerce Dropshipping in India

Millions of businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises—use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. They bring together everything that’s required to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally. Stripe’s products power payments for online and in-person retailers, subscriptions businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between. They also help companies beat fraud, send invoices, issue virtual and physical cards, get financing, manage business spending, and much more.

3. 2Checkout: Best Payment Gateway for International Dropshipping in India

2Checkout is an all-in-one monetization platform that maximizes your revenues and makes global online sales easier. They are focused on generating world-class user experiences with a business model that lets you take the long view. They help you accelerate your time to market and help easily move to subscriptions or to grow your subscription business.

4. PayPal: Best Secure Payment Gateway for Dropshipping in  India

With your Business account, you get access to diverse tools to help run your business and help it grow. With more than 400 million active users worldwide, PayPal is one of the most recognised and trusted payment service providers. They give your customers the freedom to pay how they want— from nearly anywhere in the world. Their comprehensive suite of solutions is designed to serve your commerce needs as they change and expand. They make it easy—from creating a shareable link to adding a full-featured checkout to your website. As you reach new milestones, their comprehensive commerce platform has scalable tools designed to grow with you.

5. Checkout: Best Payment Gateway for Dropshipping Business in India

Checkout helps you grow your business with the help of their flexible payments platform and local expertise. With their modular technology, you can seamlessly add the features you need, manage risk and fraud, and add new payment methods to support your growth in multiple new markets. Their local expert teams around the world are on standby to help merchants improve their payments performance, navigate the regulatory landscape, and switch to new business models with ease. Their cloud-based, end-to-end payments platform is modular and flexible meaning you choose only the capabilities you need. Their fee structure is clear and straightforward, while their in-depth reporting gives you visibility no matter where you operate.

6. Skrill: Best Fast Payment Gateway for Dropshipping in India

Skrill builds its solutions around you. Being at the forefront of digital payments for years and trusted by millions globally, Skrill offers advanced payment solutions to suit all your business needs and requirements.  They offer fast, instant and secure optimised payment solutions, suitable for all businesses. With simple, single integration, you can enable 100+ local payment methods including cards, digital wallets, instant bank transfers and other alternative payment methods. You can also manage over 40 currencies from just one account, to handle easier cross border payments.

7. WePay: Best Customizable Payment Gateway for Dropshipping in India

WePay offers powerful APIs built for platforms and is powered by JPMorgan Chase. You can leverage the scale and reliability of the largest wholly-owned merchant acquirer in the world. It allows you to market your product to Chase customers through their marketing and distribution channels. Their flexible APIs help you reduce technical overhead and improve the user experience.


Payment gateways are an important part of ecommerce businesses. But, it is challenging to find the right one. So, you must test with different payment gateways and find the one that works well. If you are just starting, try out the popular ones, like PayPal, and Stripe, so that you can lower the risk of losing relevant customers. You can check out our list of the best payment gateways for dropshipping in India.